Wastewater in sparsely populated areas

Wastewater from properties located in sparsely populated areas should be properly treated. This helps keep well water clean, prevent lake eutrophication and improve the recreational use of lakes. There are treatment requirements for wastewater systems and deadlines for meeting them in various areas. There is a wide range of techniques available for domestic wastewater treatment, for both well-equipped residential buildings and modest cottages.

The property owner must have a detailed description of the wastewater system installed, along with the operating and maintenance instructions(external link). Keep the description and instructions at the property and present them to the supervising authority upon request. For new buildings, the description of the wastewater system has been written in connection with the building permit. The form at the end of the page or a similar completed form also serves as the description.

Take care of regular monitoring and maintenance of your wastewater system to ensure effective wastewater treatment and extend the system’s service life. Clear and simple instructions for this can be found on the Union of Finnish Water Protection Associations’ Jätevesiopas website(external link)