Visiting Espoo Hospital? Please check the instructions for visitors

The highly transmissible Omicron variant of the coronavirus is spreading fast at the moment. Visits to Espoo Hospital are not recommended. However, if you come to visit, it is extremely important that you follow the current instructions for safe visits and take the necessary protective measures. If necessary, our staff will provide more detailed instructions on visits to Espoo Hospital. For compelling reasons, the visitor restrictions may be eased or tightened.

Instructions for safe visits 

  • Our visiting hours are 15:00–19:00.
  • Only two people may visit a patient at a time.
  • Your visit must be brief, no longer than 1 hour.
  • When you arrive at the hospital, you can go directly into your loved one’s room.
  • You must wear an FFP2/3 mask (without a valve) for the entire duration of your visit, also in patient rooms and outdoors with the patient, even if both the visitor and the patient have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. You will get an FFP2/3 mask (without a valve) from the hospital, if necessary.
  • Take care of good hand hygiene during your visit. Please use hand sanitiser when you enter the hospital, the ward and the patient room and when leaving.
  • You can also meet your loved one outdoors. During an outdoor visit, both the patient and the visitors must wear an FFP2/3 mask (without a valve), maintain safe distances and take care of hand hygiene..
  • If your loved one is in hospice care, your visit can be longer. Please agree on your visit with the staff.

You cannot visit the hospital if