Viherlaakso memory service centre

Viherlaakso memory service centre has 48 apartments where you can live in safety for the rest of your life. The memory service centre can also provide you with short-term care and attention, e.g. while your informal carer is off-duty. A total of 15 furnished rooms are reserved for short-term care. Trained social and healthcare staff are available to assist you 24/7. Clients of the memory service centre and their loved ones can call and ask for advice with any questions. Daytime activity groups intended for elderly people who have memory disorders and live at home convene at Viherlaakso on a daily basis. You can apply to join them if you need support with your diminished ability to function. You can apply to become a resident of Viherlaakso memory service centre, receive short-term care there or join the daytime activity groups via Nestori.

Contact information

Viherlaakso memory service centreKuusiniemi 13-15,02710 Espoo+358 43 825 5540


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Additional information

1st floor nurses 09 8163 4761

2nd floor nurses 09 8163 4762

Short-term care 09 8163 4760

Daytime activities 043 825 8094

Service supervisor 043 825 5241

Service manager 040 639 4953

Service advisor 043 824 7636

Post to the residents: Kuusiniemi 13-15 02710 Espoo

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