Tapiola Service Point

The Tapiola Service Point will not offer cashier services after 16 September 2022. The Service Point will continue to provide advice and digital support until 21 September 2022, after which it will be closed down. In the future, the Service Points closest to Tapiola can be found at the Iso Omena Service Centre along the metro line and at the Sello Library, which is accessible by bus. We will also launch a mobile service, known as Espoo Info, in Tapiola during the autumn.

Contact information

Tapiola Service PointLänsituuli 5,02100 Espoo+358 9 8165 7070info@espoo.fi

Postal address:P.O. Box 6290, 02070 Espoo City

Opening hours

From 22.9.2022 closed down


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Additional information

Tapiola Service point is located on the 1st floor of Ainoa shopping centre.

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