Hösmärinpuiston koulu

Hösmärinpuiston koulu is a school for young children located in Keski-Espoo in the Hösmäri area. A Daycare Centre, pre-primary education and the first two grades of school are what the building consist of. Pre-primary education is arranged by Finnish Education Unit. Flexible teaching arrangements provide the opportunity for rich and multicultural development for the children. The architecture of the Hösmärinpuisto School and Daycare Centre building has been internationally recognized. The wooden Hösmärinpuisto School building was named in the publication of the 50 best school buildings by the OECD countries. The building was designed by Yrjö Suonto.

Contact information

Hösmärinpuiston kouluHösmärinahde 5,02760 Espoo+358 40 639 3140

Postal address:P.O. Box 76309, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Principal Hanna Mikkonen +358 40 639 3140 hanna.mikkonen@espoo.fi

Apulaisrehtori Tarja Pätsi +358 46 877 1218 tarja.patsi@espoo.fi


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