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We map out professionals located in Espoo and find the employees suitable for your needs. We provide financial support and advice on pay subsidy applications. We organise recruitment events to which we invite job seekers who fit your profile.

We believe in the power of the network – we connect public operators, employers and professionals in the best way possible.  We support employers in the development of diverse workplaces and help them make their organisations more attractive to international professionals.

We truly want to help you – no matter what you need.

Current issues

Changes in the Espoo supplement for employment as of 1 September 2023. The Espoo supplement is a discretionary support granted by the City of Espoo for an employer that hires an unemployed Espoo resident. The supplement is granted for indirect pay costs, holiday bonuses and the part of the gross pay that exceeds the amount covered by the pay subsidy.

Espoo supplement (

A pay subsidy reform took effect on 1 July 2023. The aim of the reform is to simplify the application process and increase the use of pay subsidies in companies. A pay subsidy may be granted to an employer to cover the pay costs of an unemployed jobseeker.

Palkkatuki uudistuu heinäkuun alussa(external link) (, in Finnish)

Events you can join

  • Työnantajatreffit – A face-to-face recruitment event where the employer gets to present their operations and vacancies directly to the job seekers.
  • The TalentMatch recruitment events – In the recruitment event, employers and employees meet and can arrange one-to-one meetings.
  • The TalentMatch Bootcamp events – Employers can network with employees and participate in the organisation of the programme.
  • The Employer Speed Dating events – A recruitment event intended for employers who want to recruit international students.

Financial support for recruitment

  • Pay subsidy – Pay subsidy is a financial support that the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) or local government pilot can grant for the pay costs of an unemployed job-seeker
  • The Espoo supplement for employment – The Espoo supplement for employment that the City of Espoo can grant for the pay costs of an unemployed job-seeker.

Other services

  • Finding and presenting of suitable job-seekers – We provide a cost-free recruitment service. We find the job-seekers in Espoo who meet your needs. We present the most suitable options and you can make the final selection.
  • Employment through procurement – Employment through procurement is how Espoo builds social sustainability with our contract suppliers.
  • Career Club – In the career development programme, companies can present their operations to the international professionals in Espoo.
  • Hello Espoo – The events and information point provide support for the first steps in moving to and integrating into Espoo.

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