We provide special diets upon requests for health or ethical reasons. The special diet meals are prepared on the basis of the standard menu, ensuring that they do not contain any inappropriate food items. 

Do you require a special diet?

If you require a special diet meal, do as follows:

  1. Fill in and submit the ‘Notification of a special diet’ form below to the kitchen.
  2. Be sure to submit the form at the beginning of each school year and if the diet changes. The special diet notification is binding. 

We provide special diets based on a medical certificate. Provide the details from the medical certificate on the notification form; you do not need to submit the certificate to the kitchen. In the case of schoolchildren, however, a medical certificate for the special diet must be submitted to the school nurse. 

A medical certificate is not required in the following cases: 
mild allergy – if the allergy is so mild that the food can, for example, just be set aside or the raw material is suitable when cooked

  • low-lactose or lactose-free diet 
  • lacto-ovo vegetarian diet 
  • vegan diet for school meals  
  • beef- or pork-free diet based on religious beliefs. 

Please refer to pages 3–4 of the ‘Notification of a special diet’ form for a description of the special diet arrangements. 

If you have any questions about special diets, please contact the staff of the kitchen in question!

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