Nutrition recommendations as a guideline for menu planning

Our menu planning is guided by the national nutrition recommendations for the different age groups. We apply the Heart Symbol criteria in our day-care centre, school and lunch services. All ingredients in a Heart Symbol meal meet the appropriate nutritional quality criteria. 

We also take into account the nutritional needs of the different age groups:

  • Day-care centres: The goal of the day-care meals is to support the child’s growth and development. Balanced and tasty meals maintain the energy level throughout the day and help to form healthy eating habits. Read more: Terveyttä ja iloa ruoasta - varhaiskasvatuksen ruokailusuositus (in Finnish)(external link)
  • Schools: School meals provide energy for the lessons. A model meal helps the pupils and students put together a well-rounded meal. You can take the desired amount of food and take seconds as needed. We also offer snacks to buy at several schools. Read more: Syödään ja opitaan yhdessä - kouluruokailusuositus (in Finnish)(external link)
  • Lunch restaurants: Our lunch restaurants provide a refreshing break for the workday. Our professional chefs prepare tasty and balanced lunch options. Read more: Terveyttä ruoasta -suositus (in Finnish)(external link)
  • Care unit and senior citizen services: Care unit customers are served all the daily meals, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner and evening snack. Mealtimes are tailored to suit the daily programme and maintain a balanced and sustainable energy level. Our menu planning for care unit and senior citizen services follows the nutrition recommendations for the elderly, with consideration to the individual needs and preferences of the customers. Read more: Vireyttä seniorivuosiin -ikääntyneiden ruokasuositus (in Finnish)(external link)
  • Home meal service: We also deliver meals to people’s homes upon request. The home meal includes hot lunch and dessert. If you wish to receive the home meal service, please contact the City of Espoo’s home care. All contact related to the home meal service (e.g. cancelling a meal) should take place through home care. 
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