Learn in the museum

Glims Farmstead Museum provides teaching services for learners of all ages. Espoo City Museum is a source of both information and experiences. A visit to the Museum is free to everyone under the age of eighteen. 

Browse the guided tours and work demonstrations open to the public on the Glims events calendar.

School and day care goups

We recommend participating in a guided tour during your museum visit. A variety of guided tours are available in English for people of all ages. A visit to the Museum is free to everyone under the age of eighteen. Teachers can also have a free look around the exhibitions at Glims Farmstead Museum when preparing for a visit with their class.


Please remember to book your guided tour in advance: Tue–Fri 9–16 tel. 09 816 27337. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance. Groups with reservations can come to the museum starting at 9 am. Guided tours are free of charge for day care, preschool and school groups. When you make a reservation, please give the group size, age of the children, name of the day care center / school and the contact information of the group leader. We are happy to accommodate special needs – please mention them when making a reservation! 

Tour languages

Finnish, Swedish, English.


If you are planning a longer museum visit, you can bring snacks and eat them at the museum. Snacks can be eaten in designated parts of the museum (generally located outside). If you plan on bringing snacks, please let the museum know beforehand.

The museum visit

It is a good idea to prepare for your museum visit beforehand and provide your pupils with background information about the exhibition - the reason for the visit and what pupils will see there.

Glims is an open air museum, so it is important to dress according to the weather.

The museum's public restrooms are located in the same building as the café. 

Please remember that teachers are responsible for their pupils during the entire museum visit!

Opastukset päiväkoti- ja eskariryhmille

Opastukset alakoululaisille(external link)

Opastukset yläkoululaisille(external link)

Opastukset toisen asteen opiskelijoille(external link)

Handicraft demonstrations

Glims Farmstead Museum provides numerous handicraft demonstrations, which provide hands-on instruction in working techniques and insights in traditional ways of life.


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