Domestic services are intended for families who are facing challenges and need help with child care, parenting and everyday chores. The aim of domestic services is to make daily life easier for families and support the parents' well-being. Our goal is to help the family at an early stage and thus prevent the family situation from getting worse. This is done by providing help with child care and household chores. Domestic services are not available only for cleaning, and the household chores are carried out together with the family. Domestic services are available to families facing challenges, for example due to deteriorated functional capacity, a difficult family situation, exhaustion, illness, disability, or the birth of a child. We will draw up a client plan together with the family to specify the goals and methods of the work. We will regularly assess the implementation of the plan with the family. The fee for domestic services is based on the duration of the visits or, alternatively, we will charge a monthly fee based on the client's income, the size of the family and the extent of the services required. Domestic services are also available with a service voucher.

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