Family Centre

The Family Centre brings under the same roof children’s, youth’s and family services.

Espoon keskus Family Centre 

The children’s, youth’s and family services that operate in the Espoon keskus moved into the family centre. In an addition to these, various organizations will participate in the function of the family centre and offer all sorts of activities for families. Espoon keskus Family centre is located in Kamreerintie 6.

Open meeting place

The meeting place is an open, low-threshold service for all kinds of families, children and young people. At the meeting place, you can find peer support and someone to talk to and play with. Various organisations, the parish and city employees are available at the meeting place.

You can visit the meeting place and have a cup of coffee or stay for a little while longer and take part in guided activities and get to know the other parents in your area. The meeting place offers themed play sessions and activities that you can participate in with children and other families.

Outreach services

Outreach services provided by the Family Centre offer counselling, guidance and support in different phases of your life. You can meet with employees at the Espoon keskus Family Centre on a weekly basis at the divorce first aid clinic and at the Baby Walk-in service provided by the mother-and-child home, for example. Outreach services are activities provided in the reception room on the 1st floor of the Family Centre.

Art in the Family Centre

 The City of Espoo commissioned art from EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art to the Family Centre’s premises,. The purpose of the art is to bring joy to those living and working on the premises.