Child welfare

Child welfare services help and support children and families in a difficult situation and safeguard a child’s right to a safe environment, balanced and comprehensive development, and particular protection. Child welfare services help families for whom other family services such as preventive child welfare, are not sufficient.

Preventive child welfare

Preventive child welfare work refers to special support in the municipality’s basic services, such as maternity and child health clinics and other health care, day care, family centres, education and youth work. In this case, children and families are not required to have a child welfare client relationship, and the work is carried out as part of the services for children, young people and families.

Preventive child welfare work also involves taking children into consideration in services targeted at adults. When, for example, mental health and substance abuse services judge that the parent’s ability to care for their children has deteriorated, the child’s need for care and support is investigated.

If you observe or learn things that give cause to investigate the need for child welfare, submit a child welfare notification.

Child welfare services