Experience experts

Do you feel it would be easier for you to discuss your life with someone who has been in a similar situation? An experience expert trained by the City of Espoo is a person with personal experience of different problems in life and getting through them. You can get information and practical support for handling matters from an experience expert.

Experience experts in Espoo’s family and social services

Espoo has trained experience experts working in different positions in cooperation with social services professionals. You can get support from an experience expert if you are concerned about for example finances, housing difficulties, addictions or other everyday problems. You can share your experiences and wishes related to services with experience experts working in planning and development.

The services of experience experts are free of charge and intended for Espoo residents aged 18 and over.

Experience experts in adult social work, disability services and family services

The experience experts operating in Espoo have diverse personal experience of Espoo’s social services, such as adult social work, disability services, child welfare and family services. You can ask an experience expert to support you in your meetings with professionals. You may also meet the experience expert one on one. 

Ask your social counsellor or social worker for more information.

Financial experience expert

Do you have financial problems? Does debt weigh on your mind? Are you leaving bills unopened? Do you find it difficult to apply for benefits that you are entitled to?

You can discuss all questions related to money and debt with a financial experience expert and get advice from them. If your everyday finances cause you grief, or if you want to find out how much debt you have and what you can do about it, ask your social counsellor or social worker for more information about the service.

The services of a financial experience expert are available to clients of adult social work.

Experience expert in Samarianmäki

  • Telephone hours: Wednesday 10:00–12:00, tel. 043 827 3149. At other times, you can leave a message, and the experience expert will contact you.
  • Appointments: Monday–Friday 9:00–15:00, Terveyskuja 2 A(extrernal link) (near the Samaria Health Centre), Espoon keskus.

You can talk to an experience expert with personal experience of, for example, substance abuse and mental illness, divorce, long-term incapacity for work, loneliness, homelessness, indebtedness and having a guardian.

You can book an appointment even if you do not have a client relationship with social or health services, and if you wish, you can bring a friend or family member with you.

The appointment can be used to discuss issues that cause concern and anxiety in your life and to discuss how problems could be solved together with health care and social services professionals. You can also ask for an experience expert to support you in meetings or to help you with Kela issues.