As a volunteer, you can either work in our communal service and senior centres or take on individual assignments that suit your capabilities and schedule. You can choose from a variety of assignments based on your resources and interests. You can accompany an elderly person when they run errands or just offer your presence as someone they can talk to. If you have specific skills or talents, you are welcome to perform or teach them at our service and senior centres. Your interests and ideas are valuable, and you are welcome to share them with us. We will introduce you to your duties and the location you will be working at either before or after the basic training organised for all volunteers. People of all ages can volunteer. The volunteers working for the City of Espoo Elderly Services are covered by accident and liability insurance. You will be supported by volunteering coordinators and the staff in charge of the locations. We offer our volunteers joint further training, peer support, supervision at work and recreational events in cooperation with the city's sports and cultural services.