The purpose of assessing your need for services is to determine what kind of support and services you need to cope with your daily life. In addition, we provide advice on the services that are available to support your well-being. At Nestori, we mainly conduct service needs assessments for over 65-year-olds. If possible, we will carry out the assessment in your home. You can have a family member with you during the assessment. We will take the following issues into consideration: background information, resources, health, functional capacity, social situation, family members' participation in care, current services and need for new services. Based on the assessment, we will determine what services would benefit you. The following services are granted by Nestori: transport services, memory counselling, support for informal care (for over 65-year-olds), group activities, day activities, home care, support services for home care clients (e.g. safety alarm devices) and housing services (sheltered housing and intensified sheltered housing). In addition, we provide advice on other services that are available to support your well-being. These services support your ability to live independently at home. You can personally contact us to request an assessment of your service needs, but it can also be requested by your family members or other people close to you. Authorities and other people can also request an assessment for you.