Short-term intensified sheltered housing

We provide short-term intensified sheltered housing - during an informal carer's statutory leave - to support a family member in case of exhaustion - as regular periods of care based on a service needs assessment - in an acute crisis situation Short-term intensified sheltered housing is provided at memory service centres and nursing homes for people whose ability to live at home and whose care-giving family member's coping can be supported through short-term care. The family should contact their appointed employee to discuss the informal carer's statutory leave and to arrange the periods of care. In other cases, short-term intensified sheltered housing may be provided based on an assessment of one's service needs. Service needs are assessed by our staff at Nestori. When a decision has been made regarding the number and frequency of care periods, the client or their family member will agree on the periods in advance with the Nestori care coordinator. You should agree on short-term care periods well in advance to make sure that we can take your wishes into consideration as far as possible. We recommend that informal carers take their statutory days of leave evenly throughout the year to support their own well-being and coping. Each client is responsible for organising their transport to and from the short-term care facility.

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