Intensive assisted living for the elderly is intended for people who are no longer able to live safely at home due to illness or a reduced ability to function, and who cannot cope with the help of services provided at home. Intensive assisted housing units used to be known as nursing homes or retirement homes. Your services will be provided in a client-centred manner through collaboration with you and your loved ones. In intensive assisted living, you will be the expert of your own life and have the ability to maintain your social contacts. A home-like setting will allow you to spend time with others and take part in activities on a daily basis, and it creates a warm atmosphere where you can feel safe. In intensive assisted living, the carers are available 24/7. You can stay in a nursing home for the rest of your life, although if your condition improves noticeably while there, a housing arrangement that better suits your needs may also be considered. Intensive assisted living is organised by private service providers as well as the City's own units, and you can choose where to live from amongst these options. In order to receive a place in intensive assisted housing, you will need an approval from Nestori - Guidance and Service Counselling for Senior Citizens.

The intensive assisted living service concept  

All of the intensive assisted living service providers approved by Espoo, i.e. nursing homes, are committed to complying with the service concept of the intensive assisted living services for the elderly, which specifies the minimum criteria for the service quality.

Nestori – Guidance and Service Counselling

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The telephone service is open on an everyday basis at 9-15.