In home rehabilitation, we ensure that clients can return home safely from hospital. Support may be provided to clients being discharged from hospital for 3-5 days, if necessary. During the rehabilitation assessment period, we support a client's ability to function and cope at home by providing care, rehabilitation and services that assist with daily life for 1-4 weeks at home. During the period, the client's need of help in the future is assessed based on the home care provision criteria. Home rehabilitation services are paid and do not count towards the payment cap.

Home rehabilitation

Home rehabilitation, south: Greater areas of Tapiola, Matinkylä-Olari and Espoonlahti
PO Box 2315, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO

Home rehabilitation, north: Greater areas of Leppävaara and Espoon keskus
PO Box 2112, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO


  • Service Manager, tel. 043 877 1988 (Mon–Fri 9:00–14:00)
  • Service Supervisor, southern Espoo, tel.  040 636 8517 (Mon–Fri 9:00–14:00)
  • Service Supervisor, northern Espoo, tel. 040 636 5717 (Mon–Fri 9:00–14:00)