We monitor the service quality and compliance with and implementation of the agreements by our care homes, in accordance with the monitoring plan approved by the Social and Health Committee in 2020(external link) (in Finnish).  We make announced and unannounced visits to nursing homes that provide services for the elderly.

Self-monitoring plan

Self-monitoring is a tool for service providers that can be used to improve and monitor the quality of a service unit’s daily work with clients.

Every nursing home that provides intensive assisted living has published a self-monitoring plan. The self-monitoring plans of private nursing homes can be found on the individual nursing homes’ websites. The self-monitoring plans of nursing homes maintained by the City of Espoo can be found online (only in Finnish).

We are happy to receive feedback

We kindly ask you to provide feedback by talking to the staff of the relevant care unit, whenever possible.

Alternatively, you can use our feedback system, but please do not do so if your message includes details about your care or clientship.

If you are not happy with the service, care or treatment you have received, you can notify the person responsible for the service unit in question or lodge a complaint with the monitoring authority.