Would you like to be a family carer?

The objective of family care is to support the living at home of persons with intellectual disabilities and the coping of their families. A trained family carer takes care of the person in need of care in their own home.

A person who, by virtue of their qualities, experience or education, is suitable for the role of a family carer may be accepted as a family carer. No actual training in the care sector is required.

Family carers attend statutory pre-coaching organised by the City of Espoo. The pre-coaching includes five group meetings and a meeting at the home of the person attending the coaching. The coaching is based on the tasks of the family carers and the skills required in them.

At the end of the pre-coaching, the trainers assess, in cooperation with the person being coached, whether the person has the capacity for and interest in the role of a family carer.

You can also serve as a family carer for the City of Espoo if you have previously completed family carer coaching organised by some other party.

Fees for short-term family care 2022

The family carer is paid a taxable care payment and a compensation for expenses. In Disability Services’ social work, a service agreement is made with the family carer, in which the fee is defined.

Round-the-clock short-term care provided at the home of the carer

  • Care intensity class 1: EUR 62,83/day
  • Care intensity class 2: EUR 92,88/day
  • Compensation for expenses: EUR 22,51/day

Hourly short-term care provided at the home of the person being cared for

  • 2–4 care hours: EUR 42,89/day
  • 5–7 care hours: EUR 62,83/day
  • 8-10 care hours: EUR 92,88/day
  • Over 10 care hours: EUR 117,82/day
  • As the care takes place at the home of the person being cared for, no compensation for expenses is paid in addition to the fee.

Applying to be a family carer

If you are interested in providing short-term family care for persons with intellectual disabilities in your home, please contact the staff responsible for the pre-coaching for family care:

  • chief instructor, tel. +358 43 826 5183
  • service manager, tel. +358 40 636 8215