Social and health services client fees

Client fees are charged, for example, for health centre visits, dental care services, home care and home nursing services, housing services, hospital and institutional care as well as medical certificates.

Cancel your appointment if you are unable to show up. The fee for uncancelled, missed appointments is EUR 51.50.

Cancellations must take place by 2:00 pm on the weekday before the scheduled appointment. Appointments can be cancelled during openin hours by telephone and 24/7 online.(external link)

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Contact information Messages service

Messages, forms and other information concerning client fees can be sent securely through the Messages service(external link).

Log in to the service and select “Compose message”. Select “City of Espoo” as the recipient of the message and “Social and health care client fees” as the recipient’s service or issue. We will respond to your message through the service. Please note that other authorities and organisations that use messages can now also send you messages and documents through Messages.

If your message contains personal client information, we recommend that you contact us through a message. Please note that if you choose to send an email containing client information, you will do so at your own risk.

Staff responsible for client fees at Social and Health Services

09 8165 7261Mon-Fri 9 am – 1 pm Welfare and Health Sector Management Client fees, P.O. Box 207, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO

The client fees for social and health services are based on the Act on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare (734/1992(external link) in Finnish) and the Decree on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare (912/1992(external link) in Finnish) as well as the Espoo City Board’s decisions.

According to the Act on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare, a fee can be charged for municipal social and health services, unless otherwise specified in the legislation. The fee for a service may not exceed the costs of producing the service.