Wastewater, deviating from the processing requirements of domestic wastewater

The wastewater processing requirements apply to properties that produce wastewater but have not joined the common wastewater system. Elderly people and those in a difficult situation in life have the possibility to be exempted from the wastewater cleaning requirements set in the so-called Onsite Wastewater System Decree. The processing requirements may be deviated from without an application by properties whose permanent occupants have turned 68 before 9 March 2011. The deviation possibility also applies to those in a difficult situation in life (for example, unemployment or long-term illness) for whom the renovation or replacement of the processing system would be unreasonable. The exemption is applied for from the Environment Department. The exemption can be granted only if the processing of wastewater at the property has been organised so that it does not cause the risk of environmental contamination.