Voluntary additional education (10th grade)

In voluntary additional education, young people can clarify their study plans, revise their knowledge and raise the grades in their basic education certificate. An individual curriculum is prepared for each pupil. Voluntary additional education may include general subjects from to the basic education syllabus, optional subjects of basic education, other subjects and multidisciplinary modules in accordance with the function of basic education, vocational studies and familiarization with working life. In voluntary additional education, groups are formed based on the number of applicants. The applicants cannot choose their school themselves because the number of groups formed depends on the total number of applicants. Groups are not necessarily formed in all schools. Pupils who have received a special support decision in the end of basic education, are allocated a place in a separate group of voluntary additional education or in a mainstream group, depending on the need for individual support.

Photo: Taru Turpeinen

Objectives of additional basic education

During the 10th grade, students will develop their:

  • knowledge and skills in basic education subjects
  • learning skills
  • cooperation skills
  • skills in planning their further studies and their future
  • working life skills.

In the 10th grade, they will receive guidance for planning their studies. They will have the opportunity to improve the grades in their basic education certificate. The language of instruction in 10th grade is Finnish. The common subjects taught in additional education include Finnish, mathematics and English. During the 10th grade, students can complete a familiarisation period either in a general upper secondary school or at the Omnia vocational college. The student can choose either option, regardless of their additional education school. Students will also complete a brief period of work experience during the school year. After the 10th grade, students can apply to a general upper secondary school or a vocational institution.

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