Short-term placement of a child

There are open and short-term foster families for children of all ages in Espoo designed for short-term placement needs. The families are trained and are mainly located in Espoo. The families cooperate with the child's parents, family members and the authorities. When a child is placed in a short-term foster family, short-term foster family activities instructors work with and support the open and short-term foster families and map the situation of the children and their families. During the placement, a decision is made to either return the child to their home or to place them outside the home in accordance with their needs. Short-term foster family activities also include supporting or supervising meetings between children placed in family or institutional care and their parents. Children may be placed in open care families as a support measure in open care. Placement in open care is appropriate when there is a situation in the family in which temporary residence of the child outside the home is considered the best solution to calm things down. Placement in open care is a voluntary measure and is based on a joint agreement between the social worker, the parent/guardian and the child.