School Health Care

School health care is a preventive service that supports pupils' well-being, healthy growth, development and ability to study. You can contact your school nurse or visit the nurse during the walk-in hours to discuss the child's or young person's health and well-being if it affects their school attendance and performance. In case of sudden or long-term illnesses, visit your health centre. Pupils are eligible for an annual nurse's health examination in grades 1 to 10 and for a doctor's health examination in grades 1, 5 and 8. You need to book an appointment for health examinations, apart from health examinations in grades 2 and 4. In addition, you can book an appointment with the school nurse according to need, such as for the purpose of a control visit related to growth and development, vaccinations and other matters related to the pupil's health and well-being. Book an appointment by phone or during the open reception hours. We do not process pupils' health information in Wilma.