By attending rehabilitative work activities, you can test your fitness for work and functional capacity in a real work environment. During the work activity period, you can take courses to acquire various work-related licences and complete vocational qualification units.

Together with your personal coach, you will agree on rehabilitative work activities and draw up an activation plan. Attendance is obligatory.

You will be paid a travel and expense allowance when participating in rehabilitative work activities.

If you are interested, please call us, tel. 09 8169 4000 (Mon–Fri 9:00–16:00). Together we can figure out how best to help you. Help and support are always available, no matter what your situation.

Where are rehabilitative work activities organised?

Rehabilitative work activities are organised in several places in Espoo and the surrounding areas. 

Individual rehabilitative work activities:

Group-based rehabilitative work activities:

Our clients share their experiences of rehabilitative work activities

In the videos below, our clients talk about their experiences of rehabilitative work activities.

Antti’s life has been marked by adversity, such as imprisonment, homelessness and unemployment. Where to begin when you have to rebuild your entire life? Antti asked for help – and received it.
Watch the video on YouTube(external link) (in Finnish)

Depression had worn Kim down. Due to long-term unemployment, he no longer felt fit for work. He decided to attend a workshop as part of rehabilitative work activities. The workshop allowed Kim to recognise his skills, gain self-esteem and experience joy. As a result, he also found a job.
Watch the video on YouTube(external link) (in Finnish)

Aida had been housebound due to health problems. She was worried about her ability to cope at work and her lack of necessary skills. She decided to give rehabilitative work activities a try and participated in a workshop. The workshop boosted her spirits, and she found new friends and acquired new skills. Her Finnish language skills also improved a great deal.
Watch the video on YouTube(external link) (in Finnish)

Noora was unemployed and had no qualifications. However, she was interested in coding. She was introduced to coding and the IT field in a workshop. “They show you different alternatives, but you choose the path you want to take. I found my calling through the workshop – I want to be a coder.”
Watch the video on YouTube(external link) (in Finnish)

When Panu got sober, he had to relearn many things. How to find his place in society? Panu’s journey back to working life started in the workshop. It gave him routines and something to do, and he also made new friends. I am important, Panu realised.
Watch the video on YouTube(external link) (in Finnish)

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