Psychologist for children

We offer services to children under school age and their families in situations in which the support from child health clinic or day-care centre is not sufficient. Our aim is to support the development of children, to detect their need for support at an early stage and to provide guidance and advice to their parents. If you have any concerns regarding your child's development, talk to your child health clinic nurse or day-care staff. Children's rehabilitation services require a referral, which you can obtain from your child health clinic or day-care centre, for example. If you have concerns regarding your child who is preschool or school-age, please contact pupil welfare. Child rehabilitation service psychologists work with preschool-age children and their families if the child is in need of further examinations in specialised health care. Our offices are located in Espoon keskus, Leppävaara and Olari. Our services are confidential and free of charge. Content of our work · We begin our work with a joint discussion. The parents share their view on their child's and family's situation. The goals and content of our work are also agreed upon during the discussion. · We provide parents with short-term guidance and advice. The goal is to come up with ways of supporting the child's development in daily life. · The child's examination period includes personal meetings with the child as well as discussions with the parents. Personal meetings with the child include activities, playing, drawing and games. · When necessary, we also work together for examnple with the child's day-care staff, speech therapists and occupational therapists. Cancelling an appointment You can cancel your appointment by contacting your personal employee or office secretary, tel. 043 825 3181 or 043 825 6878. Contact information for psychologists: Leppävaara: Fezazi Riikka 040 6735140 Jaatinen Tiina 040 636 8437 Renvall Aino 040 6368128 Telsavaara Heli 043 8253200 Espoon keskus: Airisto Katri 046 8773205 Kaasalainen Elina 046 8772699 Telakivi Anna 043 8249551 Etelä-Espoo: Bergroth Anna Lena 043 8253147 Kaijanen Anna 040 6394138 Kokkonen Emma 040 6368191 Murtola Eeva 040 504 2523 Neuvonen Leena 043 8247274 Psychologist for children in Swedish: Bergroth Anna Lena 043 8253147