Neuropsychological rehabilitation

A doctor's referral is always needed for neuropsychological examinations or rehabilitation arranged through Outpatient Rehabilitation Services. We serve clients over 18 years of age, young adults and working-age clients, excluding clients with intellectual disabilities. Outpatient Rehabilitation Services provides short-term individualised neuropsychological rehabilitation for clients who do not qualify for rehabilitation paid for by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) or an insurance company. Clients may need rehabilitation after the acute phase of a neurological disorder/injury (e.g. after-effects of a cerebrovascular disorder, brain tumour or brain injury) or due to ADHD. Neuropsychological examinations: Neuropsychological examinations are part of the diagnostic examinations and assessment of work ability or need for rehabilitation carried out at health centres. Client groups include: - neuropsychiatric clients (clients with suspected ADHD), and clients with - actual or suspected after-effects of brain injuries - after-effects of cerebrovascular disorders - after-effects of brain tumours - neuropsychological symptoms caused by other brain diseases.

Contact information

Appointment booking weekdays 8.30 am–1 pm, tel. 09 816 36000 (call-back service)

Mailing address: Outpatient rehabilitation services, P.O. Box 2311, 02070 City of Espoo
Visiting addressPihatörmä 1 C(extrernal link), 3. floor (entrance from level A3)