Memory counselling

At Nestori, we have a team of memory counsellors. We are here to support you and your loved ones at different stages of your memory disorder. If you are worried about your memory or the memory of a loved one, do not hesitate to discuss this at your health centre. Health centre staff will assess your situation. The nurse may refer you to additional tests, group activities, lifestyle counselling or to a doctor at the memory clinic. If you are diagnosed with a progressive memory disorder at the memory clinic of Espoo Hospital or the Neurology Outpatient Clinic of Jorvi Hospital, your information will be sent to a memory counsellor at Nestori. We will contact you according to the schedule agreed at the memory clinic. You can also contact the memory counsellor in your area. We make home visits and give advice over the phone. During a home visit, we will assess your need for services together with you and your family members. We will provide advice on how to cope with your daily life and help you find other services and forms of support. We will also assess your need for a more supported form of housing and help you find a care facility that meets your needs.