Kuusimäki Children's Home

Kuusimäki is located in Nupuri, Espoo, close to the naturally beautiful Nuuksio lake highlands. The two wards of Kuusimäki Children's Home, Kaarna and Käpy, each offer a safe and family-friendly place of residence for seven placed children between the ages of 6 and 12 who require a lot of attention. Clients are directed to Kuusimäki through client guidance. A care and education plan will be prepared for each child arriving at Kuusimäki. In the plan, the child's situation will be surveyed and assessed together with the child, their family and social worker. Upon arrival at the ward, the child and their parents will receive a written summary of the ward's daily routines as well as contact information. A concrete and personal daily and weekly programme will also be prepared for the child. The operating principle of Kuusimäki Children's Home is to provide stabilising and rehabilitating activities and culture that take into account the child's entire family. The goal is to stabilise the child's daily life, provide security and corrective interaction and to teach the child coping mechanisms. A rehabilitative path is constructed for the child in cooperation with their family and social networks. Providing a daily life with steady structures and predictability is the best "stabiliser" for the child.