Intensive open-care assessment

An intensive open-care assessment is a support measure in open care. The clients are Espoo-based families who are referred to the service through a child welfare social worker. The aim of an intensive open-care assessment is to work closely together with the child and the family to assess their situation and need for support. There are usually 3-5 meetings per week. The work mainly takes place in the family's own environments and networks with the help of one-on-one and family meetings. The meetings involve discussions and activities in various everyday situations. The work starts with a discussion between the family and a social worker to agree on the goals of the work. The family's situation and the assessment work carried out based on the goals will be reviewed at a meeting once a month. The assessment period will last about two months. After this period, it is possible to do follow-up work with the family for 1-2 months. This will be agreed on separately between the family, social worker and intensive open-care assessment team.