Intensified family work

Intensified family work is a support measure in open care. The clients are Espoo-based families who are referred to the service through a child welfare social worker. Intensified family work is intensive work aiming for change. The work takes place through one-on-one and family meetings in the family's own environments. The aim of intensified family work is to achieve a positive change in the family's situation from the child's perspective. The goal is to strengthen the family's own resources and work together to find solutions that would make the family's daily life as smooth as possible. There may be several meetings per week, depending on the family's situation. The work includes discussions, counselling, guidance and working together, for example exercises in various everyday situations. The work starts with a discussion between the family and a social worker to agree on the goals of the family work. The achievement of the goals will be reviewed at meetings every 1-2 months. The work usually lasts 3-6 months.