Family work in connection with substitute care

The services of family work in connection with substitute care are intended for the families of children placed outside of their home who need support due to their challenging situation. There are various reasons why a child and their family become our clients. The starting point for the work may be to assess the family's situation or to provide support or rehabilitation. For example, the aim may be to support the family at the beginning of the placement, carry out rehabilitative work during placement or assess the conditions for the child to return home. The work mainly takes place in the family's own environments and networks with the help of one-on-one and family meetings. The aim is to achieve a positive change in the family from the child's perspective. Meetings may be held several times a week or less frequently, depending on the family's needs. The meetings involve discussions and activities with a varying group of people. The work starts with a discussion between the family and a social worker to agree on the goals of the family work. The achievement of the goals will be reviewed at meetings every 1-2 months. The duration of family work depends on the family's needs.