Dental care appointment booking and customer service

The appointment booking and customer sevice of Espoo's dental clinics, 09 816 30300, is open on weekdays 7.45-16. Appointment booking for urgent dental care tel. 09 816 35900 on weekdays at 7-16. Please note, that dental clinics serve clients by appointment only and you can only come for appointment if you are healthy. For the deaf and hard of hearing appointment booking and advice by text message, tel. 046 877 1170, on weekdays 7-16. You can reschedule and cancel appointments online or by contacting our customer service. When our customer service is closed, you can cancel an appointment by leaving a message to our voice mail, tel. 09 816 30300. You can also cancel an appointment around the clock by sending a text message to the number 045 739 65839. Your text message should include the patient's name, date of birth and the date and time of the appointment you want to cancel. Please note that if you need to cancel an appointment, you must do so by 14 o'clock on the day before your appointment. If you miss an appointment or cancel it at the last minute, we will charge you a fee according to our price list. Inquiries about dental care invoices and charges: or by phone 09 816 30400 on weekdays between 10-14.