Day activities for the elderly

We organise day activities for over 65-year-olds at our senior service centres and memory service centres as well as facilities operated by private service providers. Day activities are guided group activities to support elderly people who live at home but whose functional capacity has deteriorated or situation has otherwise become difficult. Our day activities are intended for anyone whose functional capacity has deteriorated due to a memory disorder or some other reason, who are unable to function independently outside of their home or who feel lonely or wish to participate in meaningful activities. During day activities, you will meet other people your age, get peer support and strengthen your mobility and mental well-being under the guidance of our staff. You will also have a chance to talk to other people and share your memories, use your creativity, strengthen your skills, play games and spend time outdoors together with others. Day activities also support the coping of your family members. A fee is charged for our day activities. You can join our day activities by contacting Nestori. The duration of day activities is six hours per day. The activities include shared transport from home to the unit and back as well as breakfast, lunch and an afternoon coffee.