Civil defence shelter

In the strategy for protecting the population, civil defence shelters are mainly seen as a reserve to be used in threatening situations in emergency conditions. In accidents in normal conditions, key means of protecting the population include seeking shelter indoors in residential and other spaces and evacuation. There are no public civil defence shelters in Western Uusimaa. Protection is based on the civil defence shelters of large properties such as residential buildings and workplaces. The civil defence shelters in public buildings are reserved for people residing, studying, are taken care for, and working there. You can find information about the civil defence shelter of your housing company or workplace in the property's rescue plan. The civil defence shelter of an apartment building can be private or shared by several buildings. It can be either a shared shelter for two buildings next to each other or for multiple buildings on the same plot. There are usually no civil defence shelters in rural areas and detached-house areas. If it became necessary to seek shelter, the authorities would provide separate instructions on measures required for buildings and properties that do not have their own civil defence shelters. The measures may include seeking shelter indoors or building temporary shelters.