Aftercare for young people

If you are a young person living in Espoo who is eligible for after-care, you can choose to have a personal instructor who will meet you 1-3 times a month. The social instructors of the youth support team work together with the young person and their social network to support the young person's independence. We provide guidance and counseling in matters such as dealing with authorities, finding a place to study, a place to work and housing, and in the early stages of independent life. Young people who commit to the guidance have the option to live in after-care's sheltered homes or neighbouring support family housing.

After-care refers to the support provided for children and young people after placement. Depending on the age and situation of the child or young person, after-care may support the entire family in matters related to the child’s return home or the young person’s independence. After-care is always voluntary.

In Espoo, the open-care teams are responsible for underage children’s after-care, while the child welfare after-care team is responsible for the after-care of over 18-year-olds.

Our after-care team supports young people in their studies, work-related issues, hobbies, social relationships, and financial matters and, for example, when they move into their own home.

Young people are entitled to after-care after being taken into care or after an open-care placement of at least six months. After-care is available until the age of 25. The entitlement to after-care will not end even if a person has refused after-care or if after-care measures have ended at some point (unless more than five years have passed since being a client of Child Welfare Services). This means that young people can contact us again if they wish to return to after-care.

Young after-care clients who move to Espoo from other municipalities

The youth team of the Adult Social Work unit is responsible for the after-care services provided for young people who move to Espoo from other municipalities. 

Espoo’s young after-care clients who move to another municipality

When a young Espoo resident who is an after-care client moves to another municipality, we will draw up the first after-care plan together and, from then on, the new municipality of residence will be responsible for organising after-care. Espoo will then be liable for the costs of after-care. We will cooperate with the new municipality of residence whenever necessary, and our after-care team can be consulted on all matters.

In matters concerning cooperation, you can contact our Acting Senior Social Worker Anita Kuronen. If you have questions about invoicing, you can contact Secretary Kirsi Jokivirta.

Contact information of Child welfare after-care