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Results for keyword “sustainable development”

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  1. News

    Looking for hundred partners to promote sustainable development


    Laitala, Director for Sustainable Development in Espoo. ...

    • Sustainability
    • Innovation work
    • Entrepreneusrship
  2. News

    A strategic sensemaking tool for SDGs in cities received broad interest at UN High Level Political Forum


    We need to keep doing those with a focus on sustainable development and providing a good life for both people and the planet...

    • Sustainability
  3. News

    The circular economy arrived in the streets of Espoo: get to know the actors of the circular economy


    Have you ever wondered how much city planning affects sustainable development?...

    • Sustainability
  4. News

    Towards more sustainable mobility - Sustainable Mobility Challenge for companies


    One of the major questions of sustainable development globally, is how people move in urban settings – now and in the future...

    • Sustainability
  5. News

    ManiMiitti+ challenges all young people in Espoo to come up with ideas for services, the most popular ones will be implemented


    Design a sustainable development campaign.  ...

    • Innovation work
  6. News

    Espoo to spend 100,000 euros on innovation and participation activities of children and young people


    This way, sustainable development education can be put together more efficiently, as requested by the Espoo Youth Council...

    • Innovation work
  7. News

    How have we developed circular economy during the past year?


    We in Espoo have taken several leaps forward in developing circular economy and sustainable development, especially during...

  8. News

    Sustainable solutions of Kera are model examples of new urban development


    “Kera has great potential for developing a customer-oriented, safe and sustainable mobility system....

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  9. News

    Socially sustainable city district – what does it mean and how can it be created?


    Leppävaara Sustainable development is a visible part of Espoo’s goals and commitments....

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  10. News

    Why are we developing circular economy solutions in Espoo?


    In addition, new circular economy solutions are needed in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development....

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