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  1. News

    Carbon footprint of consumption in Espoo analysed for the first time – “The broader knowledge base will support the municipality’s climate work”


    “In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, it is important that our carbon handprint, i.e. sustainable development work...

    • Sustainability
    • Climate
  2. News

    Residents needed to create sustainable Espoo


    During the internship period, she has focused on the development of resident participation in sustainable development work...

    • Sustainability
  3. News

    Kera's climate road map guides how to develop neighbourhoods to be carbon neutral


    In Kera, urban development is also guided by the development commitment attached to the land use agreements, which sets sustainable...

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  4. News

    Our Espoo 20X0 invites residents to talk about the city of the future: For whom, how and on what terms will Espoo be built?



    • Zoning
    • Sustainability
  5. News

    Kera Talks! - Inviting 100 partners to drive carbon neutrality


    Espoo’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030 and to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2025....

    • Sustainability
    • Entrepreneusrship
    • Urban development
  6. News

    International study highlights Espoo’s sustainability work as a successful example of a participatory process


    the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in cities....

    • Sustainability
  7. News

    A record number of young people in Espoo voted for a new Youth Council


    In addition to these, nature, climate change and sustainable development were also important themes.”...

    • Youth Services
    • Growth and Learning
    • Basic Education
    • General Upper Secondary Education
    • City Board
  8. News

    Achieving carbon neutrality in this decade


    Cross-administrative work on sustainable development started in Espoo already in 2013....

    • Climate
    • Urban development
    • Innovation work
    • Sustainability
  9. News

    Creating more customer-oriented services with the help of data


    Other parts of the series of stories: Sustainable development work is an important part of cooperation between cities Learning...

    • Innovation work
  10. News

    New project expedites green transition and utilisation of digital solutions in Espoo


    “The project promotes commercially viable solutions that help to achieve sustainable development goals on a global scale....

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
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