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Results for keyword “sustainable development”

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  1. News

    Traffic City of Espoo Tourism Sustainability Urban development Transport and streets...

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  2. News

    The model will also support the development of partnership work on sustainable development....

    • Sustainability
  3. News

    In areas with trees, urban biodiversity can be improved by allowing vegetation and decayed wood to develop...

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  4. News

    Do you want a summer job focusing on sustainable development?...

    • Sustainability
  5. News

    Wanne is responsible for energy at the City of Espoo’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development...

    • Sustainability
    • Climate
  6. News

    Manager Mari Päätalo from Espoo’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development....

    • Sustainability
  7. News

    The city of Espoo has been doing long-term sustainable development work for years....

    • Climate
  8. News

    Excellence for Sustainable Development currently has several ongoing projects that develop sustainable...

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  9. News

    Additional information Manager for Sustainable Development Helena Kyrki, phone +358 43824 8661, helena.kyrki...

    • Climate
  10. News

    Sitowise Project Manager Emma Liljeström, tel. +358 40 549 7875

    • Sustainability
    • Climate
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