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  1. News

    Culture Sello Hall Culture and leisure...

    • Sello Hall
  2. News

    Best regards, Sello Hall crew...

    • Sello Hall
  3. News

    Sello Hall open as of 1 February for small-scale cultural events Leppävaara The Regional State Administrative...

    • Sello Hall
  4. News

    Children are a beloved and important audience for Sello Hall....

    • Sello Hall
  5. News

    City Gallery


    Read more Leppävaara:  Tue-Thu 22-24/2 at 6 pm - 11 pm Sello Hall outside wall Paula Lehtonen: audiovisual...

    • Espoo Cultural Centre
    • WeeGee
    • Sello Hall
    • Kannusali
    • Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora
  6. News

    In addition, Red Nose Company will perform a musical comedy Frankenstein at Sello Hall where you can...

  7. News

    On 6 April, for the first time in ages, there will also be dancing in the Sello Hall foyer, accompanied...

  8. News

    The city’s cultural venues (Sello Hall, Espoo Cultural Centre, Kannusali, Children’s Cultural Centre...

    • Sello Hall
  9. News

    The Sello Hall program will be built around the Big Band Boost! camp for youth bands....

  10. News

    Culture Cultural events Kannusali Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora Sello Hall Vindängen Families Culture...

    • Kannusali
    • Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora
    • Sello Hall
    • Vindängen
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