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  1. News

    New restrictions are recommended for indoor public events  The Helsinki Metropolitan Area coronavirus...

    • Covid
  2. News

    Latest news from HRI Subscribe the HRI newsletter (in Finnish)....

  3. News

    Espoo sought a new operator for the camping site through a registration and negotiation process in autumn...

    • Sustainability
  4. News

    events organised at Espoo’s libraries will either be held online or cancelled in compliance with the new...

    • Covid
  5. News

    “Our mobile service advisors can visit, for example, a senior citizens’ service centre and reach new...

    • City Board
    • Asiointi
    • E-service
  6. News

    The focus has been on identifying the city’s challenges and trying out new solutions between the city...

    • Innovation work
  7. News

    Together, we can test and come up with new ideas and inform the families about the activities available...

    • LU-sote
    • Wellbeing Services County
  8. News

    New people are recruited for example to replace retiring employees....

    • Work for Espoo
  9. News

    This might also help new residents with finding networks,” Elisa says.   ...

    • Wellbeing Services County
  10. News

    “Events like this are a great opportunity to find new and impactful opportunities for cooperation....

    • Entrepreneusrship
    • Kansainvälisyys
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