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  1. News

    The so-called MyData principle offers new opportunities for this work....

  2. News

    A new application is helping communities make sustainable mobility choices....

    • Sustainability
  3. News

    The aim is to introduce new tools for working with young people in difficult situations....

    • Growth and Learning
    • Youth Services
    • Kansainvälisyys
  4. News

    We are developing the new Espoo Info together with our customers and would love to hear your feedback...

    • Services
  5. News

    “At the same time, the city is preparing for a new era....

  6. News

    Please also read the linked news on the page....

    • Covid
  7. News

    available during the autumn on social media with the hashtag #iCapitalAwards and also at the news...

    • Innovation work
  8. News

    The ISO 14001 environmental management system has given us a new and effective tool for development and...

  9. News

    The news has reported on conflicts between Espoo and Helsinki street gangs, for example....

    • Youth Services
    • Growth and Learning
  10. News

    Every municipality in Western Uusimaa wanted to participate in creating these new instructions,” says...

    • Wellbeing Services County
    • LU-sote
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