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  1. News

    The aim was to create a foundation for a new kind of cooperation platform that will later develop into...

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  2. News

    New skills, working together and experiences of success The carousel took its musical shape in a music...

    • Early Childhood Education
    • Growth and Learning
  3. News

    as the exceptional situation has required not only rapid communications but also the development of new...

    • Entrepreneusrship
  4. News

    Counseling is not available between Christmas and New Year....

    • Growth and Learning
    • Preschool
    • Basic Education
  5. News

    If a certificate is available, it will open in a new tab....

    • Covid
  6. News

    Families who participated in the first pilot found that they learned many new skills, such as how to...

  7. News

    The picture shows granules made from plastic waste, which are used to make new products....

    • Sustainability
  8. News

    The position of permanent staff has been secured in the change, and a new school will be sought for all...

    • Growth and Learning
    • Basic Education
  9. News

    With the growth of the capital region and new metro stations, the number of passengers on the metro will...

    • Urban development
  10. News

    “We provide a high-quality doctor-nurse appointment service using a new team model....

    • Health station
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