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  1. News

    It is perfectly understandable that everyone wants to keep up with the news....

    • Ukraine
  2. News

    We also hope to involve new partners in the cooperation....

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  3. News

    New ideas and networking The steering group of the Events Together in Espoo programme includes elected...

    • City Events Espoo
  4. News

    The new school year will start as contact teaching in Finnish- and Swedish-speaking comprehensive schools...

    • Covid
    • Growth and Learning
    • Basic Education
    • General Upper Secondary Education
  5. News

    Come enjoy new experiences in spring 2022!...

    • Sello Hall
  6. News

    Through new partnerships, cooperation and operations models, the project supports the creation of the...

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  7. News

    Due to the new restrictions issued on the 23rd of December by the Regional State Administrative Agency...

    • History
  8. News

    The requirement of the sale was that the new owner must have a local administration in Finland....

    • Wellbeing Services County
  9. News

    Suuronen’s Futuro is plastic and elliptical in shape, capturing the experimental forms, new materials...

    • WeeGee
  10. News

    Potential innovations: New innovations that are still in the development phase and have the potential...

    • Innovation work
    • Work for Espoo
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