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  1. News

    Genuine reform of operations requires a new way of thinking....

    • Innovation work
  2. News

    The story includes many of its old elements but also some new content....

  3. News

    The new extension will be adapted to the original appearance of the swimming hall....

  4. News

    We want the city's handprint, meaning the new innovations, to be globally significant....

    • Climate
  5. News

    In other respects, the new town plan is intended to have the same content as the solution approved by...

    • Urban development
    • Zoning
  6. News

    Follow our progress on social media with the hashtag #ManiMiittiPlussa or at news....

    • Innovation work
  7. News

    The new service will be in use by 2024....

    • Innovation work
    • Asiointi
    • E-service
  8. News

    South Korea is successful in esports, and the University of Osan will launch a new esports program in...

    • Kansainvälisyys
  9. News

    We will inform you as soon as we receive new information on when operations can resume. ...

    • Covid
    • Support for everyday life
  10. News

    If a certificate is available, it will open in a new tab....

    • Covid
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