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  1. News

    Pupils learn about entrepreneurship and set up their own small business in groups of 2–4....

    • Basic Education
    • Growth and Learning
  2. News

    The school year ends on Saturday 3 June The autumn semester of schools and upper secondary schools starts...

    • Basic Education
    • Growth and Learning
  3. News

    As part of the project, pupils in upper comprehensive school have become more knowledgeable about urban...

    • Osallistuminen
    • Sustainability
    • Espoo for all
    • Basic Education
  4. News

    During the development phase, we will develop the best solutions for the implementation of this technically...

  5. News

    Espoo is the top city for culture and education in Finland. 2....

  6. News

    For further information, please contact Paula Viljakainen, Chair of the Audit Committee, tel. 050 572...

    • Ulkoinen tarkastus
  7. News

    Information was gathered from 11 January to 12 February 2021....

    • Adult social work services
    • Support for everyday life
  8. News

    Communications and training courses increase impact Active communications with partners on different...

    • Sustainability
    • Climate
  9. News

    institutions providing pre-primary, basic, vocational or general upper secondary education, and private...

  10. News

    their schools or educational institutions and, for example, on Instagram....

    • LU-sote
    • Wellbeing Services County
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