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  1. Urban projects / Parks

    Vantinlaakso outdoor gym and park path

    The City of Espoo has started the construction planning of a new outdoor gym and a park path for the Vantinlaakso park area. Building of the outdoor gym is in line with Espoo’s...

  2. Urban projects / Parks

    Viherkallio residents’ park

    The City of Espoo will start planning the renovation of the Viherkallio residents’ park. The renovation will be carried out in accordance with Espoo’s playground programme 2016–2026.

  3. Urban projects / Parks

    Kauklahti Urheilupuisto dog park

    The City of Espoo has started the construction planning of a new dog park for the Kauklahti Urheilupuisto park area. The dog park is displayed in the local detailed plan for the park area and its...

  4. Urban projects / Parks

    Pellaksenhaka Playground

    The City of Espoo has started the construction planning of a new playground for the Pellaksenhaka park in the area of Järvenperä. The building of the playground is in line with Espoo’s playground...

  5. Urban projects / Parks

    The renovation of the Koivu-Mankkaa allotment area

    The planning of the renovation of the Koivu-Mankkaa allotment area has started. The planning will proceed with the identification of problems in the area, an information event and the preparation of...

  6. Urban projects / Parks

    Lakelanpuisto playground

    The City of Espoo Public Works Department has started planning the construction of a new playground in Lakelanpuisto/Kirkkosillanpuisto in Espoon keskus. An administrative park plan, i.e. a general...

  7. Urban projects / Parks


    Espoo Public Works Department is preparing outdoor recreation routes for the park areas known as Mäkkylänmetsä and Sotatuomarinpuisto. The intention is to plan a 3.5-m wide lit outdoor recreation...

  8. Urban projects / Parks

    Kabiksenkallio, workout stairs, park plan

    In collaboration with Espoo Sports and Exercise Services, the Espoo Public Works is planning new workout stairs in the Kabiksenkallio area. The aim is to place the start of the stairs close to the...

  9. Urban projects / Parks

    Refurbishment of the Alberganesplanadi park

    Planning is underway for the refurbishment of the northern part of the Alberganesplanadi park, i.e. the area with cherry trees. The pin cherry trees are approaching the end of their life cycle, and...

  10. Urban projects / Parks

    Nuottaranta park plan

    Space reservations are planned for four padel courts in the park area of Nuottaranta. The aim is to locate the padel courts in the area indicated for ball courts in the local detailed plan. Another...

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