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  1. News

    Matinkylä Swimming Hall has now been completed: the brand-new facility utilises renewable energy in its heating


    Matinkylä Swimming Hall (address: Tynnyritie 6) was completed as scheduled in late December. The swimming hall, which utilises renewable energy sources, will be opened for all Espoo swimmers in...

  2. News

    Public transport street between Suurpelto and Kuurinniitty to open in January


    The new Salinpellontie public transport street between Suurpelto and Kuurinnitty will improve public transport links, for example, between Tapiola and Espoon keskus. The new public transport street...

    • Urban development
  3. News

    Espoo grants the Hurraa award to the Monikko school centre


    Granted by the City of Espoo Environment Committee and Building Control Committee and the Environment and Building Control Department, the Hurraa award aims to reward work relating to the built...

    • Urban development
  4. News

    Artwork for the West Metro extension completed – metro service will start in 2023


    The artwork at the new West Metro stations has been completed. Each of the five stations features a piece of art that matches the architecture of the station. The aim is to make the stations more...

    • Urban development
  5. News

    Services along Espoo’s Waterfront Walkway to be improved


    The City of Espoo proposes new restaurant and café operators for two locations along the Waterfront Walkway. It proposes that year-round restaurants be built in Soukanranta and Haukilahti. Other...

    • Urban development
  6. News

    SRV to launch construction of Matinkylä upper secondary school – new school will provide premises for 900 students


    The Premises Services unit of the City of Espoo and SRV and have signed an implementation phase agreement to construct the Matinkylä upper secondary school in Espoo.

  7. News

    Pasi Timo appointed as the director of the Environment and Building Control Department

    • Work for Espoo
  8. News

    Kivenlahti to become more compact around the metro station – a new residential area and unique bio- and circular economy innovation cluster to be built in Kiviruukki


    The extension of the West Metro from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti will be finished in 2023. The extension of the metro line will bring five new stations into Espoo: Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and...

    • Urban development
  9. News

    Jokeri Light Rail´s tracks ready in Espoo


    The tracks of the Espoo leg of the Jokeri Light Rail project are complete with the exception of the end of the line stop. The continuous double railway now runs from Keilaniemi through Leppävaara all...

    • Urban development
  10. News

    Espoo to sell the last residential plots in the popular Jousenpuisto area

    • Urban development
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