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  1. News

    A recent analysis of Espoo’s purchasing data for 2022 helps municipalities develop their sustainable procurements. Public sector procurements can be used to show the market what kind of products and...

    • Sustainability
  2. News

    Our city is full of events, and now it is even easier to find them through our event calendar.

  3. News

    A change in attitude is necessary and the responsibility belongs to everyone in the workplace.

    • Entrepreneusrship
  4. News

    For the fifth time, the City of Espoo organised a celebration for Espoo residents aged 18 or older who have been granted Finnish citizenship. At the event held at Dipoli on 27 August 2023, more than...

    • International affairs
  5. News

    Espoo is a rapidly growing city, and it is important to us that our residents’ everyday lives run smoothly. We want to welcome people who have moved to Espoo to their new home, which is why we will...

  6. News

    Espoo residents value the environment and environmental protection. They believe that they can have an impact on climate change through their own actions. The majority say that they do their best to...

    • Sustainability
    • Climate
  7. News

    In this year’s second issue of Espoo Magazine, we invite you to join the Espoo Day and in its various activities. We also share insights into how schools and early education support the well-being...

    • Espoo Magazine
  8. News

    Would you like to learn more about the basics of bicycle maintenance and maintenance of your own bike? We are organising courses on the topic together with Skyanuu. Each course lasts three hours. The...

    • Sustainability
    • Espoo for all
    • Climate
    • Osallistuminen
  9. News

    The pilot projects selected include the experiment developing the Paralympic Committee's track wheelchair simulator, "Espoon löytöretki," which invites people to nature through Cityspotting's digital...

    • Osallistuminen
    • Youth Services
    • Entrepreneusrship
  10. News

    The new Kiviruukki is an urban circular economy hub where solutions for sustainable future are created. We are developing the area together with partners and interested businesses. VTT Technical...

    • Urban development
    • Innovation work
    • Entrepreneusrship
    • Sustainability
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